Dreams, memories and the wisdom of children – Life Savings at the Eggstinov, Bath

I’d sort of already decided that this was going to be good. So I should probably declare a slight bias now. (I’m not a reviewer or a critic and I never buy programmes)

So what in particular did I enjoy about the performance?

The sound of writing, boxes of dreams, the fragility of children’s hopes, of seeing the world through their eyes, the exuberance, optimism, anxiety, honesty of youth, memories, (forwards, backwards) a melodic lullaby in a garden den, the simplicity of a world where people say what they think, a waterfight, an uncanny wisdom contained within small bodies, remembering, forgetting, laughter, fearlessness, joy, a change of space, a change of time, (forwards, backwards)  boxes of memories, life changing experiences, remembering, forgetting, small moments, precious things, (forwards, backwards) painful happiness, exquisite sadness, four essays and some pro-plus, the change the snow brought, a New York marathon, love (almost) in a baguette shop, heart surgery, a ticking stopwatch..

You see there are times…. when memories….. well they become so wrinkled that you can pierce through them.. Sometimes, in special moments – you get the opportunity…….  to look both forward and back…..

A letter from my past or maybe from the future (forwards, backwards, forgotton now remembering), and a theatre which fitted the small people perfectly.

I’ll answer the letter soon of course.  I’ll post my reflections here.

Life savings was a work of art and a privilege to experience. Thank you to everyone who bravely shared their stories. I loved them all. I think however, that for me its the kids that stole the show.

Oh, and be sure to let me know the final count of how many lives you saved..

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