Adventures in film – Untitled 1.2

Photography is one of my favourite pursuits, and recently I have been thinking about beginning to shoot film. Also being a fan of collage, the idea to put together some kind of filmic collage is something that has been whispering to me for a few months. I recently discovered that doing this is actually an art form otherwise known as visual poetry .

Anyhow I was walking in Victoria Park recently when a strange bunch of balloons appeared from nowhere. Having established it was not a some kind of UFO or seemingly attached to any event or child I watched them for a few moments blowing in the wind. Probably influenced by the film American Beauty I was compelled to film them. The raw footage I uploaded to my you tube account but a very talented film maker  Adam York Gregory  kindly edited the footage for me. The results of my first efforts below. I’ve got lots of things to learn,  and I’m really excited about the new possibilities that come with this medium. I hope you get something out of my/our first brief venture   – Enjoy 😉

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