Clown is… (a poem)

More thoughts to come from me shortly on clown class, but I just got this through and had to share it. Our lovely teacher Holly Stoppit  put together a poem from our thoughts and feedback on the first six weeks. It’s half term this week. No class!! What will we do??!! *gasp*

Clown is…

Clown is much better than real life.

Clown is simple, honest chaos.

Clown is creative, positive focus.

Clown is uncensored, flexible silliness.

Clown is a philosophy.

Clown is a lifestyle.

Clown is a social moooovement.

We move, we jump, we leap, slide and roll,

Dancing and singing our way to presence.

Being present.

We clown from da gut,

From our Instinct

and intuition.

There we find truthful stillness

And spontaneous release

We are the Jackass Monkey

Bending the rules

And our legs

We are the Fruity Lizard,

Not trying,

Just relaxing

In the moment.

Clown is the lowest form,

Yet it’s harder than it looks

Clown is engaging, connecting with others,

Clown is pure raw vulnerability

Clowns try to be brave,

Stand tall, let go.

Clown is bruised and happy knees.

Clown is tribal, experiential, conceptual,

Clown is boing boing boo bah boo

With splongelicious playfulness

Clown is all about




Clowning is best when not forced,

Unless forced is funny.

So clowning is going with whatever works,

Looking into each others eyes

and feeling




Then playing.

There are rules,

But rules

Can be played with,

Then tampered with,

Then thrown out the window




Ha ha.

Clowning is laughter

Released by sharing

Our authentic, subversive Selves with others.

Together we dive into the unconscious

In search of the inner child.

Together we side-step the inner critic,

Gaining freedom and energy

To be as daft as we really are.

We don’t know where we’re going,

But that’s OK!

We are a team,

United by our noses

And a thirst for fun

And friends

To inspire us.

(by Holly, Nick, Tripper, Amy, Ollie, Jules, Alice, Phillip, Carlos, Pawlala, Garath, Rachel)

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