Getting stuck in.. experimental art at the Folk House

Okay so this is all a bit experimental..  I enjoy collage, photography, and other art things but fine art I am a complete novice at.. its all a bit of a learning process.. Most of my efforts go into photography and I hope to launch  a dedicated website  in January of 2012 so a good deal of my photos will be availiable then, to view and buy. In addition I’m becoming increasingly interested in the potential of video and moving image as forms of creative expression, documentary and idea dissemination. However I decided to branch out recently in a painting day for my birthday treat for myself

Here are the (best) fruits of my labour and a few other arty type things I’ve  got up to recently..


The paintings below I produced whilst messing about recently on a introduction to painting course at the Folk House in Bristol. My basic strategy was just to create something and try to work out what it all meant after.. the meanings are there but I found it doesn’t help for me to think about them consciously.. not sure if that is common in art or not.. It was very daunting to walk into what felt like a classroom for the first time in years and pretty scary to be given a range of blank sheets to work with. The course was reasonably flexible and we could more or less interpret things in the way that we wanted.. I struggled a bit with my total lack of drawing ability but found I am much more comfortable using colour and texture.  In the end it was a great birthday!

Entitled: The Patriotic City

Another effort…

Entitled:  Lotus Flower

Published Photography

Realised I took the below photo in 2009 and  it has recently been featured in the book Bandstands by Paul Rabbits.

Entitled: Clapham Common in snow


The below is a collage I put together to assist in songwriting, for a course I took at Artist Studio’s Bristol earlier in the year  (the collage is much better than the song turned out to be). I am currently about to start work on another collage piece called ‘The Commute: parts 1 and 2’ which are based on, and in response to a poem I read recently.

Entitled: Six impossible things before breakfast

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